"I’m in Awe of God right now! After so much confusion I have great clarity. Did He really just set things up good for me like that. Like I perceive He has. Awesome!"
"In truth, love is everything. You can live without money. You cannot live without love…of someone or something. Everyone is forever trying to find love in some way. Everyone is trying to win something. Wanting some satisfaction."

— Paul in J. California Cooper’s novel “In Search of Satisfaction.”  (via blackgirlsfresh)

"Mr. Right will be good at protecting your purity and changing your last name. But Mr. Wrong won’t always compromise your purity and disappear. Sometimes he will hang around if you let him. We have to make the conscious decision to maintain good standards and integrity."

Heavens Yes!!

"Unspoken expectations will always grow into unmet expectations."

— Tricia Davis

Thank You Mo’Ne Davis!!

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"We all were made for the Glory of God."
"A real, good man will take care of your garden and not destroy it. …think about that."
"God is so funny! I guess I take humour as Him giving revelation on a situation and causing events to line up. It’s amazing how the process works."
"You are God’s artwork. You are an Artist."